People within the government and the judicial system used their political power against me, treating me like a terrorist for exposing the truth regarding their corruption! They tried to strip me of my human rights! They tried to block, trap, and enslave me through oppression, tyranny, organized stalking, blacklisting, discrimination, unlawful conduct, falsifying my documents, stealing my identity! They turned the judicial system into a weapon against the people just like Adolph Hitler did during the Holocaust! They tried to block my access to commerce—the ability to buy or sell! They even went as far as blocking blocking me from obtaining an attorney through bribery! They took control of all my devices! They set up cruel situations against my children! They hacked my bank accounts! They tampered with my vehicles! They had crooked cops trailing me! They were even skimming money from my accounts! They tried to turn everyone I’ve ever known against me to isolate me intentionally through espionage, illegal surveillance, conspiracy, and sabotage! They denied me access to equal application of the law! They used strategy, psychological warfare, and brute military force via dozens of organizations against one single female—a mother with children, and combat veteran that fought for this country! These so called “leaders” and people in positions of power within the United States are cowards! They win by oppressing others and hiding the truth! God is truth, justice, and equality for all! Nothing is higher than the truth! They are low-life peasants who lack honor and integrity and do not fight, nor serve the people! They only serve themselves through tryanny, terrorism, and bullying innocent people just because they can! It’s treason and should be punished by death or life in prison!

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