I’m being persecuted: they’re blocking my ability to buy or sell from dozens of people and organizations without cause! Holy shit! 666

Photo: amusingplanet.com

This situation is confirming my dreams as a child. The dream was similar to the movie, “Left Behind.” My dreams probably made my christian relatives think I was evil, so they pretty much abandoned me, probably even sold me, to be sacrificed by corrupt political figures who are likely into the occult, doing human sacrifices for more money and power…if not that, these people are super religious with personality disorders who commit murder more than “criminals” do but call themselves ”God” fearing…yeah right…more like sinister trolls, werewolves, and demons, is what these political figures act like. Maybe this planet needs to be destroyed in order to be re-created again from scratch because these people are crazy and obsessed with having power and control over others. It’s one thing to be spiritual, but using spirituality to unnecessarily harm others is taking it too far. Trying to sacrifice people is a bit over the top. Are people out here chopping individuals up and eating them too? What is this world coming to? Possibly the end if it doesn’t change. It’s sad that people are willing to take things so far with kidnapping people, selling people, torturing people, oppressing people, and even killing people all for personal gain and the obsession to have control over another person!

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