Another aspect of human trafficking is being stalked, hacked, recorded, and placed under illegal surveillance by individuals abusing their power and influence—

Photo of FBI offering money to individuals to spy and sell out their friends, family, and associates in their communities.

As I stated before, a different aspect of modern day slavery is being forced into situations against your will covertly, in plain site. This not only includes human and familial trafficking, but it also includes being pimped out and sold on the black web through various means such as having home builders, landlords, relatives or friends, place hidden cameras and audio devices in people’s homes to illegally monitor and record them without their consent. They do this to make a profit from people wanting to watch the private lives of others against their wills. Usually energy vampires, also known as sociopaths, psychopaths and other dangerous personalities desire to feed on the energy of other people’s pain, suffering, or humiliation. Similar to Trauma Porn and BDSM. Then, some are just perverts who like to watch innocent women and children. These situations are usually set up through someone pretending to be close to the victim…i.e. family, friends, intimate partners, or even your own spouse. These type of people is what our enslaved ancestors called sell-outs, coons, and uncle toms or modern day zombies. These are people without humanity-who no longer have a soul. These are individuals who accept money from Corrupt Public and Government Officials, FBI Agents, Police Officers, Crime Lords, Mobsters, Gang Members, Hollywood, and wealthy people etc,. They are willing to do anything to gain or keep a certain lifestyle. I’m even starting to wonder if I began being abused by my spouse so that others could watch the abuse being recorded and sold as trauma porn? I also wonder if my relatives (mother, brother and sisters etc.,) knew about the abuse before I could tell them because they helped set it up? That would be mind blowing! It would be beyond sinister and bizarre for a man and a whole family to set up and target a vulnerable woman who they knew was abused in the past, just so they could come in again to abuse her even more, while making a profit from it? I suspect that “one” of the reasons I’ve been under illegal surveillance is so that a group of Google-Youtube tarot readers, who are connected to a underground criminal network, are able to use my real life stories, pain, and suffering to make a profit by selling it as divine readings, calling it “channelings” from spirit, knowing good and damn well, many are actual illiterate criminals, thieves, con-artists, human traffickers, and gang-stalkers, who target people who are vulnerable and without a solid support system, to make money off them in one way or another. Many of the YouTube tarot readers can barely pronounce the words and phases they’re attempting to use. They’re just copying and mimicking the individuals who they hack and monitor on a regular basis. This is just another form of a pyramid scheme, where individuals are finding multiple illegal ways to get money—by hook or by crook. Even if it means hurting, killing, selling, or ritually sacrificing another human being…Now I know for sure what this one particular female (last name Cherry) from Winston-Salem, NC, meant—when she said on Facebook, “Gurl we will sell your ass.” She was dead serious. She was sending a subliminal message to let people know she was a human trafficker with no morals. She was a low-life, sociopath, a disgrace, amongst a group of coons in my old community in Winston-Salem, NC, selling people from their communities to criminals, terrorists, and corrupt government officials—and this is where it ends because they all get caught—So be it—and it is—the end.

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