A List of some of the Google Youtubers who seem to talk about many similar details of my private life:

Keep in mind…if by chance a person is using another person’s information obtained from illegal surveillance, some details will be changed, added, deleted, or embellished to hide a connection. Now, for those who follow my posts know I’ve been under illegal surveillance for over two years or more. It first started with the Power of Adversity Spyware, then I was called Gay in the privacy of my own home, and the next day, Gay was written on my child’s stay at school folder, that never leaves the school, which again indicates illegal surveillance. Then I found out Google and Microsoft has been illegally hacking my webcams and microphones on my computers, and apple iclips has been hacking into the recording devices, photos, and cameras on my phones. Google owns Youtube and makes money off of its tarot readers. Could be just a coincidence or could lead to a discovery of something more sinister…Could a underground criminal network of people be hacking into people’s lives in order to use their information on their youtube channels? Not sure but Google abusing its power in this way is definitely a possibility…will add more as time goes on. Back in my home town, my mother used to say many people were afraid of my big sister because she had ways of getting people’s private information. Blackmail, espionage, and extortion is a common tactic in underground criminal networks to gain power over others. I also believe an old Facebook group called Petty Gang from Winston-Salem, NC, used to use malicious links to hack people’s devices to obtain other people’s private information. Also keep in mind that some people’s occupation can only survive through obtaining new information. If people won’t share whats happening behind closed doors some individuals just might steal the information they need to stay relevant.

Mystic Tori Tarot

Phoenix Marvelous

The Pretti Auracle

Spiritual Sag

All Eternal Love Tarot

Professional High Priestess

Divine Feminine

Unique and Unapologetic

Hanging with Ginerva

Sun Moon Stars Intuitive

High Priestess the Oracle



Ascension Empress

Spiritual Beauty tarot

December Divine555

Mystic Beauutie LLC

JD Tarot

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