Being the victim of a hacker is common these days…

We hear about it almost daily when someone is hacked and their information is stolen for some type of financial gain. However, what’s not so common is when a group of individuals hack your devices over a two year period just to watch you and record your voice or conservations over and over and over again. The difference between the first senario versus the second is the latter feels much more dangerous because there’s an obvious obsession. Most common thieves just steal your stuff and high tail it on out of there. They don’t usually stick around. When individuals are willing to risk possibly getting caught and going to jail just to watch you—that’s really fucking creepy and the police and fbi should be ashamed of themselves because if it was their mother or daughter in the same situation I found myself in, they would want these individuals caught. Unfortunately, it appears some people don’t believe I deserve the same human rights or protections under the law, so the only way to settle this has to be in a court of law. I wonder how a judge would feel knowing that not only did my family know what was know what was happening to me, but the police, FBI, and multiple other organizations knew a woman and her children were being stalked, harassed, tormented, and under illegal surveillance for over a two year period, without an investigation despite presenting proof and posting it all over the internet, of illegal activity by people abusing their power? By these people tracking my every move, they could easily set me and my children up to have us killed. Besides, an easily recognizable obsession, the other possible explanation for monitoring someone daily is to learn their habits, favorite locations, and hours they usually frequent those places—and we usually only hear about that happening when someone either crazy as hell, wants to cheat, or murder a person. Sounds pretty logical to me. Whatever the case may be, if something happened, blood would be on the hands of every public official and organization that knew what was taking place but yet turned a blind eye and refused to do a job where they took an oath to protect the citizens—Because they felt like my life and lives of my children weren’t as valuable as their own sons, daughters, wives, mothers, sisters, brothers, or friends, etc,.they continue to allow this abominable behavior to keep happening…and just think…people thought zombies and vampires were only in the movies…

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