I was disgusted…

I was disgusted with myself for all that I allowed before I knew better. I allowed my dignity to be stripped away by allowing the wrong type of people into my circle. I ended up being forced into situations that had nothing to do me. At that time, my kumbiya mentality was telling me to be accepting of everyone against my better judgement. Giving people the benefit of the doubt almost got me killed. I was around people that I loved who didn’t love me. Staying too long in unhealthy relationships nearly cost me everything. The same individuals that I helped, fed, gave money to, advice, and comfort in their worst moments, had set a trap for me…within a blink of an eye, whatever they said and did turned everyone against me…to be continued.

Published by: Sage Scholar

Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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