It’s a reason the government began erasing all traces of my latest spouse: what are they hiding?

The Government erased my latest spouse from all my federal records. Then they erased him on all the research sites. They even removed him from the Social Security Index, which has sections that are specifically for public records, especially marriage certificates. This particular spouse was even granted federal benefits through me, that are only designated for spouses. They had the marriage license on file to verify his identity in order for him to obtain the benefit. So, again…I ask the question, “What are they hiding?”Why go through the trouble of illegally changing and hiding records? There has to be a reason for this. Was this man some type of government informant or spy all this time and I didn’t know? Was he a undercover government agent, who was given certain privileges unbeknownst to me? Was I betrayed for over a decade with a person I really didn’t know? Maybe I was…When I first met this person the weirdest situation happened to me. On our way to a dinner date with me, him, and my daughter, we were followed by an unmarked vehicle for quite some time. Eventually, were pulled over by a group of hostile white men who were federal agents. The agents asked me why I was with this man? My mind was like “What, excuse me, did you just pry into my personal business, without having a right to do so?” They asked me if I knew I was with a dangerous man who was a felon and stone hard criminal? First of all why was I being monitored in the first place? How long had the Government been watching me? How did they know what time I left and what type of vehicle I was driving to follow me in the first place? What in the holy hell was going on? I told the agents whatever crimes this man has committed is behind him now. I further stated that he had already paid the price for his crimes and had a right to start over and turn a new leaf, so to speak. After that, I told the federal agents that unless they were arresting us, they needed to give back our identification and allow us to go on our way. So now, that I think about it, I may have been a target of the government, even before they discovered the Department of Veteran Affairs and Wake Forest Baptist Hospital stealing my identity and laundering money under my name. I don’t know everything, but what I do know is that something big is going on behind the scenes and I’m the target. It sort of makes me wonder if my whole life has been a lie. The lady from the ancestry site claiming to be my relative (Jacqueline Byrd Harris, who has the same name and birth day of Daniel Byrd’s daughter-Jacqueline Byrd who died in the 1959, Cross Hill fire in South Carolina), claimed I was related to John F. Kennedy? I don’t know if that was a bunch of smoke and mirrors or not. Then my mother’s brother Earl, head of the Masonic Lodge in New York, claimed that my grandmother may have actually gotten pregnant by someone with the last name King, which actually shows up in my Ancestry records with a woman named Slyia King…Are these people related to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? I don’t, I have no clue what to believe because of all the lies and deceit from my relatives. It’s truly a hard pill to swallow when you don’t really know who you are and no one around you is willing to tell you because it may expose their indiscretions…But moving back to the illegal tampering with vital records…the government is involved and they’re trying to cover their trail for something.
They even went through the trouble of adding a previous spouse to certain files that hadn’t been there in over a decade—more than 14 years, I’ve been divorced from Mr. Davis, where there’s been no-contact due to all the abuse and violence that occurred within the marriage. This was the spouse who chased me outside naked with a butcher knife. This was also the same spouse who the police saw with their own eyes physical assault me in broad day light in front a community of people who allowed it to happen. So, again—why or more importantly, who illegally tampered with my records, and updated my files with fraudulent information? Is there another spouse showing up in my latest spouse records as the reason I was removed, deleted, and hidden? Were these people planning my death and that’s the reason Allegacy “Federal” Credit Union created a false death insurance in my name without my consent? Has the government stolen something? Has the government forced me into a case study without my consent?(see blog about the power of adversity spyware and google and microsoft illegal surveillance to get a full picture of the multitude and severity of my situation).

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