Citizens rely on it’s government for protection against dangerous individuals who disregard the law—

But what happens when the Government itself becomes the dangerous individuals who disregard the law?

It’s a well known fact to many, that most of the world’s most deadliest criminals are individuals that fall under cluster-B personality types, which includes sociopaths, psychopaths, and narcissists. These individuals lack character and ethics and can really do damage when placed in positions of power, especially in the Government. When the Attorney General, District Attorney, FBI agent, Police officer, Banker, Social Worker, Insurance Agent, or Medical Provider etc., is on the payroll of the mob, a gang, or some crime lord, then things can really get shady. These type of people will abuse their power to have you illegally investigated and under surveillance to spy and steal your ideas or get dirt on you. They will change your paperwork, redirect your money, hide or throw out evidence for a claim or benefit, give out your personal information, allow your application to sit for months on purpose, or deny you resources that you qualify for which is also a form of discrimination and a federal violation of constitutional law. These are the types who feel as if they’re Gods, who are beyond the law. They feel entitled to obtain whatever they want regardless of who gets hurt in the process. They don’t believe in fairness and justice, although they pretend to. They will not honor the law even we they’ve sworn a oath to do so. The most harmful aspects of people who fall into these categories is the belief in punishing those who upset them, hurt their ego, or reveal the truth about their wicked behavior. Dangerous individuals often run in groups or pacs, like wild animals. They establish connections with others who will aid and abet them in criminal activities…to be continued.

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