Google Discrimination, Harassment, Persecution, & Violation of Human Rights Example—

This video shows that the government and google are working together to oppress and discriminate against me. In the video you will see that Google is oppressing me by preventing me from sending large amounts of evidence to organizations that may help me. They reduced my file size from the standard 25MG, all the way down to 5MG. This video goes to Google’s troubleshooting page which states that the standard for everyone is 25MG, but for some reason a group of people have refused to grant me equal access and protection of the law. Its like I’m really being treated like Adolph Hitler treated the Jews during the Holocaust, while all the people around me are not having any of these problems. Its like being in a private prison all the discrete criminal actions these people are doing to me behind the scenes. The Government, Google, and Microsoft, has kept me under illegal surveillance for the past 2 year or more. They have hacked every device, email, social media account, service provider accounts, and have stolen many of my personal files and research, claiming it as their own while oppressing me. There are videos on my blog that displays the obsession that these authority and elite figures have with me.

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