Cold Case:Possibly 1959 Murder Mystery Solved—

Deadly true situations (By: Precious Mcneil)

When Mary “only” gave away all of the McNeil children, just to turn around and have more children, that was a red flag to me. A mother who gives away multiple children due to finances doesn’t usually turn around and have several more children after abandoning her other children who she rarely ever spoke to afterwards? Now, my mother claims that she was born in 1954, but didn’t receive her birth certificate until four years later in 1959, the same exact year a mysterious fire took place in Cross Hill, South Carolina, that killed a man named Daniel Byrd and ten children. Another interesting piece to this puzzle is the fact that my mother’s father, Daniel McNeil was also killed and his body set on fire around the same time frame Daniel Byrd was set on fire? Besides this, I recently discovered that for some odd reason that the Byrds are showing up on both my mother and father’s side of the family, which is another red flag. Now, we’re either looking at a case of incest, and or identity fraud, and the only reason someone would risk the trouble of stealing another person’s identity is if some type of land or money was involved. Several years ago, when my elder sister was introduced to some people claiming to be family with last name “Brown,” a quick research into their history revealed a connection to Ed Drawham also written as Drawhorn, who later became connected to the Browns on the ancestry sites. History shows that Ed Drawham left his wife and children and ran off with his mistress back in December 1908, and was able to escape the authorities only by assuming the false identity of Ed Pronto. The Browns who hooked up with my eldest sibling around the time of my last marriage, appear to be the descendants of Ed Drawham…And you know what they say…that history usually repeats itself. Is this the reason my sister wanted my social security number? But moving on, I believe there’s a chance that my mother could have had her identity switched with one of those children in the 1959 Cross Hill, South Carolina, Fire with Daniel Byrd and thats the reason why my DNA results shows that Enlow & Lucille Byrd are my grandparents and not anyone with the last name McNeil. Another interesting detail is the fact that my mother claims she was born in South Carolina, the same state where Daniel Byrd and those ten children were killed. My question is, what if Mary is not really my mother’s mother, and that’s the reason it was so easy to give away all the McNeil children like that…and what if the Judge (whose last name happens to be McNeil) in some of Mary’s ancestry records is actually connected to this and did some type of identity fraud involving all the McNeil children who could actually be the Byrd children or if not, still connected to Daniel Byrd in some way? If this is not the case, then there’s still some type of connection to my relatives and Daniel Byrd who was killed in that fire and I believe certain authority figures know this and that’s why they’re after me because I know what’s going on as well. I believe the Daniel McNeil in my mother’s obituary of her father could actually be a false identity, and that the real Daniel McNeil was in the United States military—stationed in Hawaii. Another logical theory about this situation goes back to Daniel McNeil again. The Daniel McNeil who was in the Military could also be my mothers real father and they could have switched his identity in order to steal some type of military insurance, land or benefits. Whatever the case may be, I believe that the whole community where I was raised in Winston-Salem, NC, know exactly whats going on, but they’re keeping it a hidden because many of their families are involved in a long time history of identity fraud, and falsification of documents, where they steal dead people’s wills, land, and inheritances. The Daniel McNeil who was in the Army is showing up in the family trees of many people in my community who I suspect have been involved in hacking and monitoring all my devices. Some of the names showing up attached to Daniel McNeil are the Colemans, Williamson’s, and Millers. All people who I recently met during my last marriage?This also may be why dozens of government officials have been hunting me like a wild animal, especially, the department of veterans affairs. I’m willing to bet that multiple public officials know about the corruption that has and is still taking place.

Besides all that, I also just noticed another odd occurrence while examining the death certificates below. If you look closely, there are two death certificates with men name Daniel McNeil on them. One was in the Military in Hawaii and the other Daniel McNeil wasn’t…But if you closely examine the documents, you will see that each record with the Daniel McNeils listed both have a common denominator or one thing in common—[a date]. The Daniel McNeil who wasn’t in the military died in 1949. However, there’s also a section listed as 1949 on Daniel McNeil’s (Hawaii) daughter record Isabelle McNeil, (married name Isabelle Steele). Here’s another coincidence, the name Steele (which is also spelled Seele) ended up in my phone records and also seems to be connected to people in my old community? A note that it was common in those times for blood relatives to have different spellings of the same name, which makes Seele and Steele interchangeable. So, although spelled differently, many are still of the same bloodline. So, the McNeils married into the bloodline of the Steeles who were connected to a navy base. It just so happens that one or two of the people stalking me and riding pass my home are also connected to the Navy. Not sure if its related but its worth noting. One things for sure and two things for certain, I sense foul play here. I believe it definitely warrants an investigation because dozens of government officials have been discretely waging war on me and orchestrating pure chaos in my life. So, there has to be a logical reason why this is happening to me and a thorough investigation will probably uncover an ugly truth. Another shocking detail can be seen on the photo of Daniel McNeil below. I found this picture from another person’s family tree. The tree lists the Colemans, who are my late husband’s relatives, and the Moores, who were also connected to my late husband. The Lewis’s also show up, who are listed on my fathers side of the family tree, as well as on my elder sister’s side of the family, who I have cut all ties with. The Daniel McNeil who was in the Military also comes up as connected to the Williamsons, who happen to be connected to my late spouse and to the head of the gossip group—Petty Gang in my home town in NC. Other names that appear in my ancestry research include; Brewton who happens to be connected to my older sister and her previous wife? And then there’s Chavis. There seems to be a whole lot of coincidences in this puzzle or is it?

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