The DNA test revealed my grandparents were Enlow & Lucille Byrd: Is this why my relatives hid my ancestry from me?

Another question I have is—did someone kill Daniel Byrd and the ten children in the mysterious 1959 Cross Hill, South Carolina fire, and then switch his identity with Daniel McNeil, who was also mysteriously killed by fire, around the same time, in order to steal some type of land or benefits that may go to people with the last name Byrd who are Native Americans? After speaking to Jacqueline Byrd “Harris,” who contacted me on the site and claimed to be my Grandmother’s sister…shortly afterwards I had a visit to my Facebook page from an individual name Rich “Harris,”who claims to be a Lakota Indian? Did Rich Harris visit my Facebook page that day because he knows something about what’s happening with this secret Byrd Ancestry that my entire family hid from me for almost 40 years?

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