Have you ever been drugged or poisoned before? I have and it’s a terrifying experience—

Could you ever imagine that someone close to you or even a person you trust enough to have around you would do something like that to you? My hackers know about many of my experiences. I wrote about them and at times discussed these situations in the privacy of my own home, while I was under surveillance and my every move being recorded and documented by those who abused their political power and connections. One of times I was drugged I only realized it in hindsight. What made me put two and two together was once I went to the emergency room for a really bad migraine. The doctors pumped me with a medication that caused racing thoughts and a feeling like bugs or something was crawling all over me. It frightened me so bad that til this day, I’m very hesitant to go to a doctor because of the chance for a physician to abuse their power by possibly poisoning a person, and then getting away with it, using the excuse that they didn’t know or realize something would have that particular effect. What’s even more shocking is the look on the doctors face once he realized the drugs had a bad effect on me. The physician had a slight smirk on his face that he attempted to hide but I caught it, like I usually do even though I second guess myself at times. For me that smirk indicated a type of sick pleasure he received from inflicting pain upon a woman of color. It’s sad but in the world we live in, you never know who secretly hates you because of color of your skin, your race, religion, or political beliefs, can ultimately cause a person to want to harm you simply for being different or having a different point of view. After having that experience at a hospital by a white male physician attending to me, those symptoms were forever forged in my brain. So when someone actually did put something in my food or drink and similar symptoms began to occur, I realized after the fact, that someone who possibly has access to a lab or medical doctor had purposely tried to harm me because I only take meds when I feel forced to do so. As an adult, I pretty much swore away recreational drug use because it’s just not my thing at this age—besides, once while investigating a case in order to build repoire I took a puff off a joint with a person hoping they might reveal critical information for the research I was doing at that time—which was an epic fail but anyhow…that’s just one of my experiences with being drugged and how I was able to later realize I was drugged and not just crazy like the individual(s) who drugged me wanted people to believe (think…premeditated-organized crime). So, if it ever happened again, you guys will know what’s up. Dangerous personalities always reverse the rolls. They do this through slander campaigns and lies to warp people’s perception of you. They project all their worst parts on you and take all your good parts for themselves—basically like switching places (identity theft) or some would say attempting to swap destinies…For instance, it’s actually quite sad that back in my old hometown from my youth, all the criminals, repeat felons, drug addicts, scammers, players, womanizers, abusers, traffickers, and gang affiliates are seen as good, and some of the people who tend to stick to the legal path of doing things are considered bad. For many of these people they feel like sticking to a code of silence is a must; even against individuals who have harmed you or betrayed. I beg to differ…there’s no way in hell I’m being loyal to anybody who has or wants to harm me. I’m going to say something about it. I’m going to defend myself instead of letting a person run all over me. It’s ridiculous and totally insane to hide dangerous personalities. Other people need to be warned. This particular code of silence is only used by toxic criminals who want to get away with harming others.

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