They sold me to tyrants on the dark web & many youtube readers telling my story are connected to this underground criminal network

Just think about this…Do you really think every Youtube reader is actually psychic? Or does it make more sense that a large number of these individuals know many details of the crimes against me because their in a underground criminal network (aka Gang) with hackers from Google, Microsoft, the Government, Police officers, and other individuals who have access to steal people’s personal information. Ask yourself what makes more sense? If “real” law enforcers would like to uncover one of the largest underground criminal networks in history, all they have to do is locate every individual who conspired against me in positions of power. This will lead authorities to a gang, mob, or coven of public officials, government agents, police officers, FBI agents, insurance agents, YouTube readers, doctors, bankers, restaurant owners, etc., who are all getting paid under the table by crime lords to help disregard or break the law within multiple organizations across the United States.

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