Trying to Survive the Game: Instead of hunting animals, they began hunting me—

They actual thought it was funny to place me and my children in harm’s way. These psychopaths took pleasure in watching another human being suffer. These are the type of people who are running this country—a bunch of sadists into BDSM, who enjoy hurting other people without cause (think Jeffery Epstein). Not only did they intentionally orchestrate events to cause conflict and chaos in my life, but these monsters even went after my child whose still in elementary school! After someone called me Gay inside the “privacy” of my home, the next day someone wrote Gay on my child’s stay-at-school folder that never leaves the building (illegal surveillance is apparent here). After this incident, I got a VPN to help decrease the constant surveillance I’ve been experiencing and decided to set it to London. About a week later, my daughter told me that a girl name London began harassing and bullying her without reason. (If that wasn’t some obvious gang, mob, or coven-like activity, then I don’t know what is). So, as you can see, these authority figures have no limits and will cross moral boundaries that normal people won’t. Many of us would never dream of intentionally targeting a person’s child just to send a threatening message to an adult; unless you’re dealing with individuals affiliated withs gangs, mobs, cartels, covens, pedophiles, sadists, human traffickers, or those who lack honor. And even some them have codes not to go after innocent women and children. The group of people after me don’t have emotions. They’re soul-less beings who are dead inside. I already have a strong gut feeling of who placed the order or should I say hit, and they think I don’t know. Oh, I’m very aware of what happened. A sociopathic-narcissist decided to lie, slander, and triangulate me against an entire underground criminal network of people involved in everything from murder, to sex rings, drugs, money laundering, fraud, identity theft, embezzlement, and political corruption as a way to try to have power over me and block my success due to heavy envy and competition. They mad at me for finding resources the correct or legal way while they decide to get it the corrupt way. I chose the path thats best for me and only want to be around those who reflect the same morals and values that I have. Once I break free, I never want to be around these type of humans ever again.

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