Criminal Activities Within the Government: Gang & Mob infiltrated—

For over a decade now, my “second” late spouse has been listed within my government records. Now, all of a sudden, after requesting a investigation for white collar fraud, a previous spouse who was removed over ten years ago, now appears in my records as my current spouse who was pending instead–while my latter spouse was completely removed. All traces of the latest spouse have been deleted as if he was never there. This is not the first time that individuals within the government have abused their power by taking it upon themselves to not only break the law, but to tamper with, falsify, and mislead with the creation of false documentation. There is years of evidence to show that this error appears to be intentional…reason being is because for at least ten years, the previous spouse was listed as just that–a previous spouse, who was located in the section designated for persons who are no longer attached to the veteran. Besides this, the latter spouse utilized school benefits that are only authorized to current spouses on record. What’s currently happening to is a gross abuse of power that involves tyranny, terrorism, dictatorship, illegal activity, fraud, misconduct, and malicious intent. So, what is the reason behind someone illegal tampering with vital records? What are these corrupt individuals attempting to hide and cover up? How many criminal activities have taken place that have yet to come to the surface? Who are the individuals who signed into the system to make changes? I believe identifying every individual who intentionally conspired against me across multiple government organizations in this year alone, will ultimately lead to the uncovering one the largest hidden underground criminal networks operating in the United States of America!

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