YouTube is a mini Hollywood: Many Tarot Readers are actors following a script—

Many of the Google—YouTube readers who claim to be psychic really are not. These tarot readers are actually thieves benefiting off of stolen information. These people have collaborations with the Government, Google, & Microsoft hackers, elite figures, and possibly even Apple—who steal other people’s information and then redistribute different parts of that information to different groups of people within their coven, so they all get a chance to benefit from whomever they’re stealing from at that time. Just think—Masonic groups, Skull-n-Bones, or the Boule, to get a picture of how organized groups have tremendous power when they come together to orchestrate sinister activities behind the scenes. The more people are involved, the more dangerous these groups can become because there’s power in numbers—everyone knows that. Groups are just like anything else in life, they can be good or bad, dependent upon how they are used. These situations can get real creepy (think—Single White Female) because—let’s say, you have a hidden camera in your home. You may begin to see small replications of parts of your home in video shots of the YouTube reader’s who are connected to the hackers or gang stalkers and those who sell people on the dark web for Trauma Porn. Many of the people in these underground networks are sadists who are into BDSM. They like having power over others and take pleasure in their pain and suffering. Everything I just mentioned involves an element of power, domination, and control. Whatever the case may be, the level of invasion of the solitude and privacy of others is a major violation of constitutional rights. I’ve also noticed that many of the tarot readers with a large following, claiming to be gang-stalked are actually part of the gang-stalkers. These tarot readers know all these small details of people’s lives because they’re hackers and thieves, not prophets. It’s like one huge pyramid scheme full of energy vampires. These people are like mosquitoes, who need blood to survive. So they pick a host and they all continuously share the meal for as long as they can without being caught. They can’t survive without assuming another person’s persona, identity, or characteristics. This situation reminds me of when Bobby Hemmit spoke on people being cloned physically and spiritually several years back. I now have deeper spiritual understanding of what he was referring to. Some of these people actually will kill you in order to try to become you. When these individuals hack and steal other people’s ideas and even their persona’s—this is actually just another form of energy harvesting, which is similar to the occult method of assuming the God form, where the occultist copies and Mimics the God or Deity they want to extract power and knowledge from. They do this by attempting to speak, think, dress, and behave similar to the chosen deity of choice. So keep that in mind the next time you see a person studying and copying you…besides being a sociopath, they may in fact be performing a ritual on you to try to harvest your energy, steal your gifts, or switch places with you. It happens more than most would imagine.

Take 2—Action!

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