Everything is backwards-

Many of the people who are said to be Good are really evil and the ones said to be Evil are actually good

Most of the Christians in my family and my old neighborhood in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, act like satanists behind closed doors. Many were actual test subjects being experimented on through what is called the “Projects.” The Projects implemented many Jim Crow strategies that ended up making these people hate each other and themselves—always fighting and killing one another at alarming rates. Everyday, these individuals behaved like crabs in a barrel, always scheming up ways to take each other down. Authority figures intentionally pitted these people against one another. They were trained to sell each other out for the smallest of trinkets. People in this small town act just like the zombie slaves from the movie “Get Out.” They’re there physically, but nobody’s home upstairs…(in their minds). They’re like soul-less beings; they have no humanity, therefore, they’re like puppets on a string. In other words, these people are all being controlled and manipulated by authority figures abusing their power and influence. And for the record, I’m not just saying this because I was ostracized and isolated by individuals who had agents of the government and state in their pockets. Before I became a sacrifice, I was saying the exact same thing years before my life got twisted and turned up-side down through corruption. Many of the folks in my hometown will literally sell you (try to human traffick you) to the dark web or groups of people who still believe in human sacrifice (Savage and Reptilian-Minded people in positions of power). A thorough investigative study into their Facebook pages will confirm most of what I’m saying. Many of them even post and brag about their underground activities or connections in plain site on the web. You will hear everything from murder, rape, drugs, illegal experiments, identity fraud, money laundering and various things spoken in slang or through subliminals. Many of the Church people, police officers, firemen, military personnel and politicians etc., are all great pretenders. These people be involved in everything from drug cartels, to secret get-aways with wild orgies. Many practice the occult arts or utilize the services of people who do. Many sell drugs on the side, some are pedophiles who like children, many are downlow and still in the closet, and most are Uncle Toms, who are government spies and informants who use methods of episonage to sell or sacrifice specific people (especially truth-seekers) in exchange for impunity or klout in the streets. If you really do believe in justice and equality then the government will most likely want to take you down. Most of the Justice Advocates that get along with the Government are fake and have been paid for through bribes. Most of the horrible situations occurring in society is due to having the wrong people in positions of power. These people are utilizing federal funding to secretly dominate, control, oppress and ultimately bully others who actually have good character. Notice most of the criminals, pedophiles, and sociopaths aren’t the ones being tormented and persecuted. It’s people like Dr. Sebi, Martin Luther King, John F Kennedy, and people who actually have empathy and compassion for others are the ones being being blocked-set up-censored and killed. Many people are not being attacked because they’re actually part of the corrupt system. In other words—(They Not On The Menu Because They Sitting At The Table). These people don’t have real emotions. They imitate or copy the emotions of those who they hack, gang-stalk, and oppress in order to appear like they have good character when they really don’t. When these people steal your identity physically, they’re also stealing it spiritually. As above, So Below. Dozens of Google-YouTube Occult Tarot Readers are pretending to be me right now telling all my life stories as if they were their own. Most of the people whom I suspect were connected to the group of people hacking and stalking me, all had official Klout pages. Klout is a social research company that was purchased by Lithium, which is based in California. Klout was actually said to be dangerous by critics in other countries due to its heightened potential for people to abuse power through ranking people and then assigning a number based off that rank, which could easily be manipulated through bribery and not based on the actual merits of the person. Klout was also said to give out favors to people who earned their way through its ranking system. The question is what did these people have to do to move up in the ranks to earn Klout or special favors? If you think the industry and people trying to get into the industry ain’t out here sacrificing people, then you’re sadly mistaken. One things for certain and two things for sure—people been sacrificing others since the beginning of time (Cain & Abel, Set & Osiris, Scar & Mufusa) But moving on—companies like Klout allow dangerous people the ability to purchase a false persona. Having the opportunity to buy rank aka Klout, allows many sociopathic and corrupt beings to appear one way when they’re really another. I know this is a fact because one of same men with a good klout score was actually beating me behind closed doors, was very sociopathic, had mommy issues, was a 7-time felon, and connected to underground criminal networks. The person was super popular but not a nice person at all. He had a score higher than people who actually had “real” good character traits.

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