My old community is filled with uncle toms—

I was surrounded by individuals willing to sacrifice innocent people around them for a better job, improved credit, a loan, a dollar raise, or popularity on social media. With such a high number of people displaying this behavior—it feels like end-times; the zombie apocalypse

All they had to do was help set up the real hidden leaders within their communities…the quiet ones in the land. The individuals who have integrity, morals, and values—who actually care about other people, and stand for something greater than money, status, or klout. They wanted to assassinate any upcoming individuals with qualities similar to Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Maya Angelo, Bobby Hemmit, etc…New underground criminal networks have been formed by people of multiple races—where impunity is given to those willing to kill or sacrifice their own for a spot at the table…Most of these community justice groups or social media gurus are just pretending to care, when in actuality it’s all an act. I’ve been to dozens of community groups and leaders who all had taken a bribe to keep silent and not help, knowing I was dealing with corruption.

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