Just Observing~

I clearly see what’s happening around me, but there’s nothing I can do. The foundation of the country is broken

It saddens me to have to sit back and watch what appears to be a sex ring operating under the guise of several businesses—mostly restaurants. I see the people coming and going, with car tags from numerous different states—from Georgia all the way to California. Most of the people involved are super young—many of them are children ranging in age from what looks like 15 to 19 years of age. You see them for a few days and then they disappear, and you never see them again. It’s not a secret that the turn-over rate is high in many low wage jobs. However, for those who can see beyond the masks, your intuition or your gut automatically lets you know when you see something that’s not right. Some call it spidey senses or even the voice of your higher self…it doesn’t matter. Whatever it is, it’s something primal or instinctive that can save your life when your surrounded by deceit. I suspect the older men at these businesses are having sex with many of these young boys and girls who often show up for a day or so and then supposedly quit. I feel like on the days these people indulge in their perversions, they call in extra people who pretend to be working but are really only look-outs to cover up what’s happening in plain site. I’ve even seen young trans-boys and girls, so you know what’s that’s about. Many of these older gentlemen have taboo tastes or fetishes that they want to keep secret, so they join these underground networks, groups or covens filled with people with money, power and influence that can make things happen for the right price or bribe. I’m good with recognizing patterns, so if something keeps happening over and over again, it stands out loudly in mind. It’s almost like I see someone standing while waiving a red flag and yelling—Hey something’s not right here! If it were my son or daughter who was entangled in a sex ring, which is often intermingled with human trafficking, I would want someone to intervene. I’ve tried to help but I was ignored, because many of the police and authority figures already know what’s taking place. They’re getting paid or bribed to keep quiet and cause problems for anyone who might stand in the way of their underground criminal networks.

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