How to spot fake actors claiming to be targeted on YouTube

For those who have a hard time reading between the lines~

# 1–If a person is on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook with a large following, usually over 10k-I would say….and they’re claiming to be a targeted individual whose being gangs-stalked—they’re lying. A person who is really under heavy surveillance and being gang-stalked by the government will have all their social media accounts censored to make sure that person is isolated and can’t get their messages out…Nine times out of ten, a gang stalked individual will be ostracized so it’s easier to stalk them without having any witnesses. Being alienated also allows for a “real” targeted individual to be persecuted, scapegoated (human sacrifice) and possibly even killed, because someone in power considers that person a threat—especially if that individual can spot things meant to stay hidden (just a little common sense is needed)

#2–A fake actor on YouTube or other social sites will have very limited evidence of what they’re saying…and if they do have something they’re claiming to be evidence—it will be questionable and probably won’t make any sense. Then now-a-days people have to look out for apps that can generate fake documents, screenshots, messages, or even calls. However, a person who is being authentic usually will have some pretty solid evidence that can be fact-checked. Any photos and videos can be broken down to see what device it came from, what day it was created, and even the time. Many fake actors won’t attempt to present any real evidence of what they’ve saying because they know it’s possible it can later be used against them. Basically, these people are all talk and no show. Most of them are just copying individuals who are really in those type of situations in real life. I’m disgusted by what so many people have turned into 🧟‍♀️

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