49 CFR § 801.56 – Unwarranted invasion of personal privacy

Google and Microsoft [over a 2 year period] hacked into my webcams just to watch me and even view me naked at times; (creepy as hell), they hacked into my microphones to listen and record my intimate conversations; they hacked into my personal files, stole my information and then shared that data with (Google-YouTube readers) to pass off as their own. Just sitting or having private conversations in my home, or doing research on my computers, only to find out that mega corporations are abusing their power through illegal electronic surveillance— is major violation of privacy when most of us have a reasonable expectation to be left alone in the comfort of our own homes. Google and Microsoft are liable for (1) Intrusion of Solitude, (2) Appropriation of Likeness, (3)Public Disclosure of Private Facts, and (4) False Light

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