Censorship: Equals Digital Prisons—a new secret form of oppression, discrimination, and racism online to deny opportunities

People with limited income are being censored on the internet, and are basically in simulated digital prisons. These digital prisons restrict access to large audiences, thus severely limiting the voice and reach of those affected intentionally. Those who are censored are maliciously being directed by algorithms down a dark rabbit hole to trolls, bots, and fake profiles. Censorship is just another form of discrimination, segregation, racism, and prejudices, similar to slavery. It’s all about power, domination and control through the oppression of targeted individuals. Many people aren’t aware of what’s happening at this time due to COVID and other distractions that are being used to corner the market, eliminate competition, and quietly usher in a new era of dictatorship. Sadly, many individuals simply aren’t paying attention or they just don’t care because it’s not affecting them right now. Many of the atrocities committed during the Holocaust with Adolph Hitler—is currently happening within the United States. Hitler seized an opportunity by using the state of fear of the people in order to gain vast amounts of power and control. Many of the authority figures or leaders in the United States today, have similar personality traits, behaviors, and beliefs as Adolph Hitler; who was also a dark occultist and evil magician. Hitler abused his power and used it in a negative way to hinder, harm, restrict, and ultimately sacrifice innocent people who were labeled as being different. All the violence against the Jews was done with impunity from the Government. In my personal opinion, the real mark of the beast is people who don’t have high incomes or influential connections (i.e. bribery) will not have an opportunity to fully thrive or reach a higher tax bracket due to the brute force of those in the government, as well as those controlling the media, and other online tools. Another example of the mark of the beast for me, pertains to those refusing to take the COVID vaccination. These individuals may very well be put in situations where it’s hard to survive without bending to the rule of those attempting to enforce a vaccination upon people against their will (Sounds familiar huh? Dictatorship? Nazis Government? Chaos?Unrest? Fear? Oppression?)

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