They fooled half of the world 🌍

The Nazis are back and in full force—operating within the United States Government

They fooled half of the world by making most people believe that gang stalking wasn’t real. They even took it a notch further by claiming anyone who used the term was either crazy, delusional, or just imagining things…but in reality, gang-stalking is just an adult form of bullying and terrorism commonly perpetuated in most gangs, mobs, cults, covens, secret societies, and the holocaust—as a display of power, domination, and control. This type of behavior is actually the norm for people on the high spectrum of narcissistic personality disorder, sociopathy, and other dangerous personalities. Take Adolph Hitler and the Nazi Government for an example; he was able to convince thousands of people to bully other innocent people who hadn’t broken any laws or did anything to deserve being hunted, imprisoned, experimented on, and murdered almost to extinction. There’s even a movie out, not sure if it’s fact or fiction, but in that movie the descendants of Hitler are still attempting to hunt down and execute Jewish people today. It’s said that Adolph Hitler had a 4-step process for dehumanizing the Jews. These four steps encouraged and promoted (1) Prejudice (unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding ethic, racial, social, or religious group). (2) Scapegoating (the Jews were considered less than human and were blamed for all the problems occurring in the German community during those times). (3) Discrimination (Due to all the prejudices and scapegoating, this allowed for discrimination regarding the implementation of the laws by the government that eventually led to acts of violence against Jews that anyone could perpetuate without consequences. (4) Persecution (it is said that the Nazis persecution of the Jews was the most organized, tactical, predatory, and effective case in history. The Jews were ambushed, attacked, kicked out their homes, their properties and businesses were vandalized, destroyed and set on fire. They were looted and stolen from, along with all types of other atrocities done to them, which is the very same thing the United States Government is doing to me today. The Holocaust is back and it’s aimed at individuals like me who think and behave differently from those who have been conditioned to behave like sheep. Yes, there is a group of people wanting to take me out to cover up their crimes and prevent the truth from coming out.

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