Forged Life Insurance Policy! Was this a set-up to be killed?

Who would create a life insurance policy in my name after I declined? More importantly is why?

I have alerted my bank several times that I never created this life insurance policy because I already had a policy that leaves everything to my children who can’t touch it until their grown even with emergencies because I have relatives known to adopt children just to steal their assets. But moving on…after numerous attempts to get this policy terminated from across several states, I finally obtained it yesterday. The question is who decided to forge my signature and change my paperwork to add a life insurance policy? Was this part of a bigger plot that involved my death? Are my relatives involved? I ask this question because–it was one of my relatives who suggested I use this is a bank when I was teenager and nothing but chaos and multiple hacking and funny numbers have been involved with my account. This bank has also refused to ever investigate any of the hackings of my account. Besides this, another crazy thing about this situation is the very same day I faxed this form, (10/20/2021) a girl name Neisha or something similar went on YouTube talking about life insurance polices. For those who have followed my blog–know that Google and Microsoft been hacking me for two or more years now. Google owns YouTube. The people who have access to the hackers that have my information have been using my real life stories, ideas, photos, and personal files to make money by claiming my work, and even my life as their own. Sorta creepy and even scary.

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