I’m in a hostage situation-Follow me to see weekly updates of illegal case study, hyper-surveillance, corruption, & orchestrated chaos from government

The government, police, FBI, DOJ, Attorney General, and several authority figures have been alerted to me being illegally studied and watched on a daily basis. It’s a deadly obsession and the authorities are just sitting back allowing this to go on. I believe my relatives are also involved. The authorities already know I’ve been hacked, monitored, under 24/7 illegal surveillance, wiretapped, subjected to organized stalking, orchestrated conflict, sabotage, misconduct, forged life insurance polices, falsified medical records, restricted access to my personal files, orchestrated harassment of my elementary school child (See previous blogs), being almost ran off the road 4 times, hacked bank accounts, remotely controlling and deactivating my phones, computers, emails, internet, denial of access to judicial recourse, tampering with AT&T phone account, social media accounts, following me, and dozens of other crimes against humanity. The authority figures in the United States are breaking the law! They are violating numerous regulations including the RICO Act, 18 U.S. Code £666, and HIPPA/Privacy laws.

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