Handlers: What Are Handlers?

Has a group of handlers being assigned to cover up illegal actions towards me?

What if I told you I was raped and still had the rapist’s DNA substance inside me, along with a video of the rapist forcefully having sex with me against my will, with no mask on, and a innocent bystander just so happened to get a screenshot of the rapist’s car tags as he sped away. Now imagine taking all that evidence to the government, the police, the FBI, CIA, DOJ, OCR, OCE, Congress, the Marshalls, the military, the pentagon, dozens of other organizations and attorneys within the United States only to find that everyone was cruel and indifferent towards you, turned a blind, obstructed justice, and discriminated against you by not taking any action because the individuals committing the crimes were of high statue? In fact, not only did they refuse to uphold the law, but they took it a step further by purposely hiding the evidence, censoring, silencing, ostracizing you, remotely controlling your devices, blowing up your phone with malware everyday, interfering with your internet, hacking into your bank accounts, emails, phone records, utility accounts, tampering with your finances, repeatedly blocking and even lowering your child support without a court order, and even refusing to enforce the order to limit/restrict your access to resources needed to raise an entire household of children; all while posting your situation and life stories all over the internet for people to get paid to mock you. On top of all this, they placed false items on your credit, had cps trying to take your children with fake assertions, vandalized your mail, delayed major purchases, and bribed people in organizations to sabotage most of your business interactions. Now, while all this is taking place your struggling with your health, your entire family turns against you, and you take a DNA test that reveals your relatives have been hiding your true ancestry for almost 40 years because they may be involved in criminal activities related to theft, identity fraud and an illegal case-study being conducted without consent of the participate. How do you think you would you feel in this type of situation? Welcome to my world….Based on the severity of crimes committed against me, I suspect handlers have been assigned to silence me. I have very little information regarding handlers, however, I can read situations, I recognize patterns, I’m highly intuitive, and carry a decent amount of common sense, street sense, and book sense if that makes sense…I believe handlers are paid by the government, corporations, and other highly influential people to make life difficult for those who are targeted, blacklisted, considered activists, and or whistleblowers who have potentially dangerous information. They also go after those who are viewed as competition to people in positions of power. I suspect that handlers use techniques involving bribery, intimidation tactics, isolation, gaslighting, psychological warfare, triangulation, slander, espionage, black magick, and sometimes murder to eliminate those who are considered a threat.Why else would a group of people go through such great lengths to silence and oppress another human being? If you take a closer look at the side by side screenshots; what you will discover is that the photo that shows video evidence of Mega Corporations-Google and Microsoft hacking into my device’s webcams, microphone, and personal files for at least two years or more- this information appears to be censored. It really looks like this specific content is being purposely hidden from the public. All my videos on Tic Tok are public, so why is the video with Google and Microsoft hackers not showing up as public to be promoted with the other videos? This has been happening across every social media platform under my name. These people have blocked and restricted me from even having the option to promote my content like the rest of world. These individuals have pretty much placed me back in slavery but limiting my ability to have a voice or a chance to succeed in the world due to oppression, obsession, discrimination, and possibly colorism. It’s against the law to commit these illegal actions towards others but the government is saying it’s okay to commit illegal actions towards me? Normally hacking into people’s devices is against the law? Normally viewing a person naked in the privacy of their own home without consent is against the law? Normally accessing and stealing a person’s personal files and creative ideas, while making a profit off that person’s oppression is against the law? Normally discriminating against a person by limiting their constitutional rights is against the law? Normally not giving a person access to their own medical and payment records is against the law? Under normal circumstances—creating fake documents or falsifying a person’s records is against the law? Normally harassing a person’s elementary child while their at school in order to make an example out of person is against the law? Normally using the the police, FBI, and other contracted individuals to stalk and follow a person without a legitimate court order is against the law? Normally not giving a person access to the judicial system or following through on evidence of crimes that have been committed is not only against the law but a dereliction of duty and obstruction of justice, which should be handled by removing those individuals from their offices and letting another take their office who will uphold the duties they swore to enact. It’s almost as if I’ve been placed in a simulated prison although I haven’t broken any laws or did anything to harm the group of people working against me besides standing up for myself by speaking the truth about my personal situation. My human rights are being violated, they’re dominating, controlling, and restricting my ability to engage in “Freedom of Speak,” which so happens to be true speak that is backed up by hardcore evidence to affirm my assertions. I suspect that a group of people in positions of power have been working diligently behind the scenes to oppress, restrict, and censor me. I feel this is happening in an effort to stop the truth from being revealed regarding illegal actions towards me. Yes, I strongly suspect that what’s happening to me is a inside job involving the government, the justice system, and several intelligence agencies. The strong level of surveillance suggests I’ve stumbled upon something big and the only way to keep these authority figures from losing their jobs and going to jail is to silence and repress me through censorship of all my online accounts. This is done through the use of bot accounts and gang-stalking. Some Bot accounts are created to spy and gather intel. Others are met to be so invasive as to steer the targeted person’s audience away from real people using analytics that will only show the subjects content to trolls and handlers who get paid mob people who are blacklisted. A more understood term for what’s happening to me can be referred to as organized crime, which is commonly seen in mobs, gangs, or covens like- situations. Several years ago, Congress created a law called the RICO Act and 18 U.S. Code £666, in an attempt to address this type of illegal vigilante behavior towards innocent citizens who have not broken any laws but still have become targeted. Many individuals become targeted by the government and other groups or covens when they become activists for human and civil rights, have spiritual beliefs outside of the mainstream religions, or whistleblowers who expose corruption and abuse of power.

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