My situation is like having a video as evidence of an unmasked bank robber and the authorities still turn a blind eye

What’s happening is very disturbing and beyond unjust. The shocking part of my situation is I actually do have videos, documents, witnesses, and my credit report as proof of illegal actions of the government, several hospitals, and other organizations. However, authority figures have been trying to covertly harass and silence me— basically get me to go away. These people just prancing around as if they’re above the laws of the land. It’s like entities such as the Government, the police force, DOJ, the FBI, NC medical board, Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Apple’s Iclip have appointed themselves as “God.” They did the crime but don’t want to do the time. They’re using their money and influence against people who have neither. The new rules seem to be that people with money and status are allowed to break the law and terrorize innocent citizens without any repercussions just because they said so…Tyranny rules in the United States…No Justice, No Peace. Perilous times are here. Anytime a mother and her child can be targeted and threatened in plain site…With this type of behavior, we’re fast approaching public lynching and head chopping with the guillotine. Welcome to the Police State…

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