In the Jaws of the Beast: United States Losing it’s Humanity


So far, dozens upon dozens of organizations and new channels have been forewarned or bribed to turn a blind eye to the evidence of illegal activities committed by the government, police force, FBI, DOJ, and several other agencies regarding me, which is a direct violation of 18 U.S. Code £ 666 and the RICO Act. The government and other agencies have been allowed to restrict my access to my own personal medical and payment records. They’ve been allowed to falsify my documents, affect my credit, tamper with evidence, delete evidence, hack into all my devices, emails, bank accounts and service provider accounts. These individuals have been granted immunity to wire-tap my phones, intercept my internet, view me naked, record my conversations, steal my files, photos, notes, etc. They’ve also been allowed to stalk, monitor and censor all my social media accounts. These individuals used mega corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Apple’s iclip, and Facebook to invade my entire life, while distributing all my stories and creative ideas to influencers—mostly YouTube readers, in order to make a profit off my pain and suffering—yeah, it’s really sick and twisted scenario. The organizations and news sites I’ve reached out to for help so far has been a dead end. These people appear to only help those who have money, status, or klout. My children have been affected by the individuals attempting to persecute and torment me—while everyone just sits back and act as if nothing is happening. The agencies who did respond to me claimed that my situation was above their head or…they didn’t have the resources to investigate…Someone needs to remove these delinquents from their positions of authority. The same people being paid to uphold the law, are the very same people who are breaking the laws and that doesn’t make much sense. They are harassing and trying to kill the people who actually have integrity, morals, and values in life. The majority of these politicians, judges, government officials, and justice organizations are frauds, who are only in it for the money. They could care less if my elementary child has being targeted as a way to get under my skin because the law only works for who they choose it to work for. These people are classic textbook sociopaths and psychopaths.

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