Gaslighting: Pushed to the Edge


Numerous criminals and authority figures utilize a harmful tactic known as gaslighting to discredit the victim, and make them question their own reality or perception of situations. Gaslighting is making things appear one way, when its really another. Many times this is part of a larger and more sinister plot to hide their own discretions or criminal activities. From my own personal experience—gaslighting is a common trait amongst sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, and other cluster B-personalities. Examples where gaslighting is used include: A criminal marries a woman with a plan to steal or take over her assets, by driving her crazy or making her suicidal through extreme abuse…or a dysfunctional family unit gaslights and ostracizes one specific family member in order to secretly steal an inheritance or life insurance policy. Another example might include false CPS charges from a corrupt social worker involved in human trafficking or sex rings that involve children. I’m sure the list can go on but these scenarios are the most commonly seen for me.

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