War of the Roses: Secret Mission to Ruin Me—

The person I once loved waged a hidden war against me. I was the Sun and he was the Moon. We were yin and yang, a perfect blend of masculine and feminine energies. Everything I lacked he had and vice versus, but he was too busy competing with me instead of loving me. According to astrology, we had a past life contract to meet and do great things in this lifetime. Now, that will never happen. He completely screwed things up. He nearly put me 6 feet under from just the stress alone, not including the other atrocities I endured. I believe he secretly wanted to ruin me—to break me—to bring me down a few notches, rather than rising up to meet me. This person decided to trample me, and even ambushed me with a group of flying monkeys instead. I was placed in a battle that I didn’t know I was in…to fight individuals who were supposed to love and protect me. A whole army of relatives, associates, government officials and strangers were formed against just me—a mother with small children to raise. It’s like everyone close to me—befriended all my enemies and teamed up against me…and when I said something about this, they acted like I was crazy for ever mentioning it. The shocking thing about this situation is both sides of the family seemed to take pleasure in me being under surveillance, hacked, stalked, blocked, sabotaged, disrespected and dehumanized. These people lost their humanity. They sold their soul for money and klout. I remember holding a towel up against my bruised and bloody head one day, as I texted what happened to certain relatives, asking for help. They ignored me and left me to suffer and deal with my situation alone. I even sent photos of the injuries. Individuals who are often gaslit learn to document, record, and take photos of everything due to the severity of mind games, and manipulation that comes from interacting with extremely toxic personalities. What these individuals failed to realize is that in the process of trying to destroy me—my declining mental and physical health also impacted my children. I feel like these cowards knew exactly what they were doing but they just didn’t care what happened to me or my children, just as long as they got to see me knocked off my throne—a position that was not given, but earned through blood, sweat and tears. These people were evil. They were bullies and trolls. They thought they were clever, all acting cold and indifferent towards me at the same time. There’s no coming back from completely trying to destroy person without a reasonable cause.

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