King of Sorrow: Saturn’s Daughter: 666

I’m crying everyone’s tears, and there inside my private war…I died the night before, and all of these remnants of joy and disaster. What am I suppose to do? Sade

In the world of astrology, I’m considered a child of Saturn, yet I’m also the King of Hearts, who is known as the King of Love in Cardology. For many, this makes me a walking contradiction of (Both Good and Evil). As the King of Hearts, I truly feel it was by design for me to always be denied the very core essence of who I am, which is all about Love, especially with my Moon and Venus—exalted—being under planets that belong to Venus, the planet of Love. It’s like something or someone tried to cripple me from a young age (sacrifice me), limiting my full capabilities because I was never given love in order to fully thrive. Most individuals in similar situations grow up to be criminal delinquents or psychopaths due to lack of nurturing but I was an exception. At times, I was too sensitive and caring, which placed a target on my back for users and abusers. In almost 40 years, I’ve never experienced true love from others. I feel as if its always been fake or with hidden motives. As I got older, and began doing shadow work, I came to realize that I’ve never felt genuine love from my relatives either. I’ve always felt like the outsider, the scapegoat, the alien (heavy aquarius placement). Large portions of my life were spent enduring lots of violence, hazing, strife, betrayal, degradation, humiliation, slander, ostracism, mind games, manipulation, thief, lies, controversy and always being put last. Having Saturn as a planetary ruler comes with many hard life lessons that show up through pain, suffering, isolation, trials and tribulations, that in most cases—always lead to knowledge, wisdom and experience. The suffering is increased by having Saturn and the Sun in the same astrological house—because there’s always a battle between the light and the dark (Ogbe Ika in Yoruba)—each planet attempting to over-shadow the other. Saturn is said to be the 6th planet from the Sun. These two planets are polar opposites, yet each one holds extreme importance within the balance of the planets and the Universe. The battle between Saturn and the Sun in my chart is even more evident when my elemental chart is reviewed. The the numbers 666, that dominate my chart, I intuitively believe represents the Sun, and not the beast as many have been told. Reason being, is that the majority of the astrologers in the world consider the number 6–the number of the Sun—Ra—the Solar intelligence that has been in existence since the beginning of time and life as we know it. Without the Sun, we would cease to exist. In Sade’s song, “King of Sorrow,” the verse which states—here inside my private war—is a real life depiction of the battle between Saturn and the Sun, as well as the Moon, opposite the Sun, in my birth chart. There’s literally always a spiritual war at play amongst the energies within my chart. It’s like being split down the middle with Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Yin and Yang, Day and Night, both Masculine and Feminine energies. Even my signature energy amongst the element chart (Water, Fire, Earth, and Air) is anonymous because all of my elements are pretty much distributed equally amongst my chart—meaning I can make use of each energy. Many people usually have one element that predominates the rest of their chart. That’s not the case with me. When I think about the energies at play, the philosopher’s stone comes to mind. Is this one of the reasons I’m being studied against my will? Good question to ask I think…lol P.S. for those who don’t know, women can also be Kings. In ancient times, amongst other countries, many women were considered Kings due to their power and or leadership abilities. In modern times, some women like myself are born with the destiny/birth card—the King of Hearts, which is said to spiritually represent past life royalty and priestly status. The Bible also mentions covenants with the priestly caste, as well as in Vedic astrology. Some individuals still believe in the caste system that’s assigned based on the astrological chart—placement of the stars and planets at the time an individual was born. In both systems—Eastern and Western, I am Brahmin or a Priest by birth, which unfortunately makes me a prime target by those who practice darker occult arts due to my spiritual bloodline. In other words, my traits and bloodline causes evil people to want to use me as a human sacrifice for money, power, and fame.

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