Bombs over Baghdad: The Art of War—

They think I don’t know that every time they come to my page to like a silly meme but skip over more serious entries regarding the injustice I’m facing, is meant to undermine me. It’s meant to make me feel less than, or unimportant, as if my work isn’t good enough. It’s an attempt to wage psychological warfare against me in a subtle manner. Many are trolls connected to the organized stalking. Yes, I see you and I’m very aware of what you’re doing. I’m hip to the game. I’m watching you, watching me. Sociopaths always tell on themselves in one way or another. They can’t help but leave you some type of clue to let you know they played a part in something going wrong in your life. Just like many serial killers leave a signature for their work, trolls and sociopaths do the exact same thing.

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