Google & Microsoft Didn’t Know it was Illegal to Monitor Women Nude? 

Still waiting on justice for Mega Corporations-Google and Microsoft to be held accountable for the past few years of having me under surveillance, hacking into my device’s webcams, microphone, and accessing my private information without consent…After submitting proof to the authorities and several organizations, who all appear to be turning a blind eye, I refuse to be silenced. Obtaining that level of access to me is against the law and violation of my human rights. No man should be above the laws of the land. That’s hypocrisy to enact laws that are allowed to be broken by a select few just because of their status or bank account. What if it was one of their loved ones who was being illegally monitored, identity stolen, sold like a slave, oppressed, hindered, and dehumanized for all to see without any consequences whatsoever? We really are living in perilous times where women and children can be stalked, hunted, ridiculed, stolen from, and oppressed by people abusing their positions of authority. Is slavery back into effect?

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