The small town where I live in Georgia, has a team of Federal agents in my neighborhood doing this same exact thing—

The Lamar Smith Agent who sold me my home in Georgia, told my then spouse about a position to work with Flexi (federal agents) to participate in this exact same type of role play taking place in the small town in the photo above. For those who have been following my posts–know that I believe I’ve been subjected to situations involving organized crime. This fake town training scenario seriously makes me wonder about the federal agents living in my neighborhood, some whom appear to be involved with the individuals gang-stalking me. Could the gang-stalkers actually be undercover agents conducting an illegal case study or human experiment without the test subject’s consent? Are the federal agents in my neighborhood all involved in the illegal research study, “The Power of Adversity,” that’s been illegally monitoring me, studying me, selling my information, and violating my human rights?

Another crazy coincidence regarding this sadistic situation I find myself in—is the fact there appears to be a pattern centered around the last name Smith in my life. The owner of Lamar Smith Homes, last name is Smith–then, a white man who followed me on Instagram, who appears racist, last name is Smith (Henry Smith). Henry Smith began following me a few months before I discovered illegal activities taking place within the Government (Department of Veteran Affairs and several other organizations). I suspect that Henry Smith may be racist because he had a red hat on his Instagram, with words saying, ” Make America Great Again,” which often times signals covert racism). Besides this, I was told that the individual who was the Department of Veteran Affairs claims manager at the time I discovered white collar fraud–(misappropriation of government funding, falsified documents, and bribery), along with money being laundered under my name in various hospitals associated with the VA—his last name is also Smith–Nathan Smith. Furthermore, it just so happens that “some” of my relatives who were fighting over money, land and inheritances, has the same last name–Smith.

Both my mother and uncle from Brooklyn New York, told me that one of my great grandmother’s last name was Smith–Charlotte Smith to be exact. If my relatives were telling me the truth, and if the ancestry records are correct, then my great grandmother, Charlotte Smith was a a mulatto (mixed race of black and white). Is this all just one big crazy coincidence? Or is this one big dangerous conspiracy involving large sums of money? Or….is this all orchestrated to appear this way due to the illegal case study I discovered through illegal spyware placed on my devices called, “The Power of Adversity”? The whole point of an experiment centered on adversity would be pointless without any adversity….So which one of these conclusions are correct? That my friends is the question of the day…

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