Stuff like this happens when authority figures accept bribes to turn a blind eye to injustice.

Every single text is a malware text from a hacker/group of individuals who have been invading my personal life and violating my human rights for at least 3 years or more. Notice how they mocking me—saying, ”Dear Precious,” which lets you know that its personal and I was their exact target. These individuals not only hacked every device I own, but have also viewed me naked, hacked into my bank accounts, stole my identity, had all my social media accounts censored and shadow-banned, sold me to the black web, all while selling my research and creative ideas to YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook influencers. I’ve endured so much adversity to the point it doesn’t seem real. I keep waiting for someone to jump out with a camera—screaming you’ve been pranked! At this point, I know that’s not gonna happen. I question myself all the time asking how I allowed this to happen to me and my children who are also being affected. What’s in me that I attracted a bunch of sadists?

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