White Collar Fraud, Healthcare Fraud, Misappropriation of Government Funding—Department of Veterans Affairs & Wake Forest Baptist Hospital—

These crimes fall under RICO Act Violations & 18 U.S. Code £666, due to the nature of the crimes committed and the number of people involved it took to pull it off.

This is an example of White Collar Fraud, Identity Theft, Tampering with Evidence with the intent to deceive, Destroying Evidence, Misappropriation of Government Funding, Obstruction of Justice, HIPPA/Privacy Violations, and Discrimination. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice all the multiple accounts numbers for each doctor. This is only a small portion of the evidence I was able to gather due to all the deletions they did in an attempt to cover up their crimes. Once I asked for an investigation, the physicians involved tried to falsify my medical records by changing the name of the facility from Wake Forest Baptist to Green Valley. None of these doctors are in me or my children’s real medical records. Placing these fraudulent medical bills on my credit report during closing on a new home shows malicious intent because I had 2 different forms of medical insurance on file that even an receptionist could look up. Some of the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital Physicians involved include: Doctors, Kristen Helane Quinn, Paul Wayne Whitecar, Mark G. Newman, and Martha Decker. Government employee, Tina Dooley from the Virginia VA Medical Center claims the Department of Veterans Affairs Claims manager was Nathan Smith, during the times these crimes were committed…[Below is voicemail message from VA employee—Tina Dooley]

This voicemail indicates the Government (the Department of Veteran Affairs) and or VA Choice/HealthNet—disregarded or turned a blind eye to the crimes committed against me. The Government refused to release my civilian medical and payments records after alerting them about criminal activities taking place. They ignored the law, obstructed justice, violated my human rights, and discriminated against me by refusing to investigate or adjudicate my case.

Published by: Sage Scholar

Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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