My daily movements are being tracked…

I suspect that the individuals conspiring against me are using a combination of my car’s Allstar gps system and my cellphone to track my every move. I have a $1200 dollar Iphone 12 pro max, which operates on the 5G network. However, I suspect that when I’m being tracked, the network changes to LTE. I say this because my phone always shows 5G until I attempt to get in my vehicle, then it changes. If I turn my phone on and off several times then it goes back to 5G. If the 5G was just unavailable, no matter how many times I turn my phone off and on, it would still say LTE, and not go back to 5G. So, this small detail lets me know that its not a problem with the network itself being unavailable. The problem is interference from the individuals attempting to track me. Besides this, I almost forgot…when I purchased my Tahoe that its computer system was pretty advanced—having the ability to not only see every malfunction, but also every location. It was nearly impossible to catch my spouse cheating and get proof of all the gaslighting, because he would constantly check my car’s location. The tables had turned. First it was me keeping an eye out on my spouse after catching him cheating, now my every move is being watched. We used to use family map, which was what alerted me to the fact that something was going on behind the scenes. However, I decided it was too much for me to try to keep up with a grown man, so I canceled the service. I realized I was worth more than what I was settling for…but back to what I was saying…If and when he decided to do anything, if I made a move, he had enough time to cover his tracks, because he always knew when I was coming. The neighbors and other employees working near him would also monitor me. All they had to do was make a quick phone call whenever they see me leave my house. I discovered this one day while parked at his job. One of the employees that worked next door to my spouse approached my vehicle, and asked me why I was there? The individual basically told me it didn’t look right for me to be coming so often to my husband’s job. In a way, the man had a point, but it also alerted me to the fact that he had been watching me. If this man was busy doing his job, then he wouldn’t have time to monitor who comes and goes in a busy parking lot. It was actually none of his business what goes on between a man and his wife. Due to the fact that I was outnumbered, I realized attempting to investigate any infidelity was pointless. My every move was being tracked, so I decided to give myself closure without having all the facts. Besides this, I started noticing that different neighbors who were friendly towards my spouse, seemed to always leave their house whenever I left my house. It happened so often that it appeared not to be a coincidence. Something similar happened back in North Carolina before relocating. Our neighbor named Jason aka Heavy seemed somewhat afraid of my spouse possibly due to his affiliations…but nevertheless, he decided to tell me that my husband told him to keep an eye on me. I believe that was code talk for him saying that your old man running around and need to know when you leave the house. This situation is not new. It happens everyday. One person thinks the grass is greener on the other side so they turn on the person who has always had their back, in order to work with a third party. The third party can be a lover, relative, associate or friend. But moving along, once a woman has to investigate their spouse due to infidelity, its pretty much already over. When the trust is gone its nearly impossible to get it back….to be continued

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