Gang-Stalking (2).…

Gang-stalking…they pay people to ride pass my house repeatedly or just sit and park close to my residence just to get under my skin…when they don’t live in the neighborhood or plan on purchasing a home. One day just to make sure one of my neighbors was following me, I circled my block three times and low and behold the neighbor was still behind me…all my devices, emails, social media accounts, bank accounts have been hacked, and monitored, while my personal information and life stories is being shared and sold by Google, YouTube and Microsoft. It’s a small army of Youtube readers pretending to be prophets, when they’re really using information that was hacked and stolen by Google and Microsoft and my Norton Security logs displays proof that my cameras, microphone, and personal records have been illegally accessed without my consent. My mail has been vandalized and set on fire, my identity has been illegally used, NC medical doctors committing healthcare fraud and laundering under my name, doctor, child support keep tampering with my court ordered payment, they keep deactivating and closing out my case, and won’t collect the legal interest owed on all late or missing payments in the state of Alabama, the department of veteran affairs won’t release my civilian medical and payment records because they’re in on the corruption, medicaid won’t release my medical records as well, I’ve been almost ran off the road 4 times and the Georgia police act indifferent and won’t come to my home or return my calls to make a report…crooked cops follow me, the authorities won’t investigate. The is only a small portion of the corruption and abuse of power taking place within the government, police force, DOJ, FBI, NC Medical Board, the Department of Veteran Affairs, and several other organizations.

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