Gang-Stalking is real! Its done via organized crime through large groups of people and multiple organizations in a sadistic manner…The psychological abuse and strategic attempt to torture a person by various means, is nothing to play with. These people hack, call, text, stalk, monitor and try to create chaos for me almost daily to the point where its an abvious obsession. They dont understand how I’m still alive after several attempts to off me. Narcissists and Sociopaths can’t stand the thought of losing. They have to win by any means necessary. Even if it means possibly going to jail just to defeat you. Congress created the RICO Act and 18 U.S Code £666, specifically to deal with a situation so dangerous and life threatening as this.

Published by: Sage Scholar

Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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