I’m crying inside…lord knows sometimes it feels like I’m dying inside. Hurt and pain…I feel so ashamed. Seems like its forever gonna rain. At times I can’t eat, sometimes I can’t sleep. Hell at times all I do is eat…when will I find peace…peace of mind? My folks say in due time…when will I shine? My light has burnt out…it’s obvious without a doubt…I’m lonely as hell…seems like I’m lost in a spell…that someone has cast. To keep me from getting pass. All the drama. Some say it started with my mama…I feel I’m in trauma. Traumatized, and despised yet no one recognizes. All that I’ve been through. All that I’m going through. And still yet to come is the new…..Generational curses has kept me and my family form dispersing…our true potential…let’s come together and become lethal…for we are regal…superior beings…we are the first and will be the last to get pass the vast layers of destruction and dysfunction…They try to enslave, expect us to be have…but hell no, this is no joke, we must break the yolk.., we owe it to our ancestors… Rosa Parks sat in the front of the bus. Harriet tube man…rode that train to sneak pass the pain and slow the rain yet so that we now can gain…True peace that cruelty cannot defeat.Willie lynch knew what he was doing when he set us up to keep our minds in confusion. Let us be in union…
Come on people where is Ur contribution??
We all must do our part if we expect victory at heart by having love and compassion despite past violent interactions…The system is set up against us…just to trick us…to make us think nothing is wrong…but ha ha…slavery is still going strong…it’s in our mind why we still despise and walk around blind…taking our time. As if the system was on our side. This is a test…even though I know…yet still I stress…all this hurt and pain…everything feels so mundane…but I will live my life…I will not take flight…for I know I must stand and fight…its good vs. evil…which side will u get in-to??Even though we have a black president-will he be able to put all these issues to rest?? I don’t know…all I can do is my best…to learn to heal and not let hurt, pain and stress build up in my chest…For I’ve learned that loving myself is the best and that my inner love will shine out upon all the rest… Precious McNeil

Published by: Sage Scholar

Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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