The Dangers in the Life of a Divine Scribe….

If anyone has ever seen the movie, “Lucy,” then you can sort of get an idea of why powerful political figures are obsessed with studying me, dominating me, controlling my life, while keeping me under heavy surveillance…Just think about a caged eagle that was born in the wild suddenly losing its freedom. The wanna-be God figures (Government) within society has decided to restrict my human rights by denying me the ability to pursue happiness without restraints…basically having me locked up in a simulated prison that no one can see from the outside looking in. Notice the word surveillance has the word veil in the center. People are obsessed with monitoring me because I can see beyond the veil. Just like movie where the little boy said, “I can see dead people.” Well I can see people’s demons. I can see the nasty parts within individuals that they try desperately to hide behind a mask. This gift works similar to that of a Heyoka. I mirror back people’s reflection and many can’t handle what they see. I also can find whats wrong in almost any given situation. I see what needs to be done to fix it. I have the ability to grow or expand upon whatever idea a person may, I can make it better. If their idea was good before, it will be great after I analyze it. This trait is a threat to those engaging in corrupt activities because I usually good with seeing patterns. So, even if I don’t have the exact answer, I can still see when something is off, not right and needs further investigation.

Some people don’t like me because if I’m around them long enough, I usually discover their secrets. What many people don’t know about me is that it’s a group of people who consider me like a prodigy and want to study me. Many want to know how I’m surviving without snapping from all the atrocities happening to me. It took quite some time for me to figure this out due to all the intentional abuse I was subjected to for a long duration of time. Even when my mother signed me over to the military at age 16, the entire enlistment I was basically hazed, tormented, harassed and even made to walk in chains for months, in front of all my peers, while working. This happened after receiving an article 15, for staying in the latrine for too long. I lost the ability to drive my own car, I was denied the rights of my own food choices. I was forced to eat MRE’s for months, and most of my pay was taken all over an abuse of power. It’s just something about me that makes the majority of people I meet in life, want to dominate and control me; to the point of wanting to hurt me when they can’t. The amount of trauma I continually endured actually suppressed my hidden gifts and talents. These government and political figures are intentionally keeping this a secret. They covertly monitor me, while stealing all my information and ideas for profit—claiming my work as their own; all while repressing and censoring me in the process. I have the ability to assimilate large amounts of data. Information just flows to me. Its like the data searches me out. It feels very spiritual in nature.

I can receive a message from a gum wrapper on the ground at times. I can’t fully control my gifts at this time because I haven’t had the time, resources, and support to fully develop them. I’m always in one battle after another—its never ending. Everyone is always in competition with me, while Im just trying to survive. I also have dreams about people or situations before it happens. I suspect my christian relatives think I’m evil because of this. It started happening as a child. Its a very cool gift to have but also dangerous one as well. I can take what appears to be irreverent information by putting the pieces of the puzzle together to make it make sense, when others can’t. It takes me longer than normal sometimes to do this because of trauma—always being in fight or flight mode. Intuitively, I know some of my ancestors were scribes—keepers of sacred knowledge. My Vedic astrology chart also designates me in a caste of spiritual priests. I have several psychic placements throughout both my eastern and western natal charts. My destiny birth card is the King of Hearts, sitting next to the King of diamonds, which indicates a background of spiritual royalty. The way I research and gather information is similar to an autistic trait because I can do this one thing over and over again—repetitively. It’s also a coping mechanism. It helps me deal with stress.

But moving along…Spirit gave me another download today. Today’s download or message pertains to the mayhem surrounding me at this time. What I analyzed from this message is that one of my soulmates or twin flame, is currently living out one of my past lives today…Unfortunately, I discovered that many of his associations were all tied to underground criminal networks, millionaires involved in shady dealings, the mafia, gangs, masons, and possibly even sex traffickers. It’s the same situation with many of my relatives. These people used their influence and connections in harmful ways, at the cost of an innocent person, out of jealousy and envy….The part of the message referring to sexual abuse, for me, refers to cheating and infidelity, while lying about it, in order to obtain power and control over the situation, while making the other person feel crazy and doubt their intuition…This is also a form of energy and or power theft…because a developing psychic would find it hard to cultivate their gifts in a room full of liars. These type of individuals will never tell you the truth. Any revelations you reveal about them will be denied, even though in their hearts, they know you’re telling the truth. Highly intuitives will always think they’re going crazy, or losing it because dishonest and sociopathic people would rather you end up in a straight jacket before they ever admit the truth…They would rather die first, than admit you were right…to be continued

Published by: Sage Scholar

Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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