18 U.S. Code £666

Them trying to use me as a human sacrifice consisted of them using a ritual known as, “Assuming the Godform.”Assumption of the Godform is done when an individual desires to take on the traits, skills, talents, gifts, or abilities of a specific deity or person. But in my case, the ritual was perverted because their ultimate goal was to bring death to me in order to steal my identity, swap destinies, take on my persona, and claim my decade of research as their own. This group of Government officials, Police Officers, Google, Microsoft, and Apple employees, have been secretly monitoring me, hacking into my devices, having me followed, stealing my research and mimicking my personal traits in a ritualistic format in order to harvest my energy, and basically sacrifice me. My identity being stolen was part of the ritual. Occult rituals for money, fame, and power has been occuring for centries. The elite, large corporations, the music industry, public figures, masonic orders, secret societies etc., have been slaughtering innocent people for decades. Just like the movie, Get Out, they do this for sport. They target individuals, hunt them down, and subject them to extreme forms of abuse, oppression, isolation, humilation, degradation, etc…causing much suffering before they set them up to have them murdered or commit sucide. I suspect that many of the illegal research studies from the government is just a cover-up for coven members who perform sacrificial rituals on targeted indiviuals…many of whom have powerful spiritual and prophetic gifts. Google owns YouTube, so they have been making a profit by distributing my stolen information amongst YouTube readers, who then either pretend to me or use my information by distorting it, watering it down, adding and taking away things in order for their crimes not to be easily discernible. But when you’re highly intuitive, it’s easy to read between the lines and see what’s happening even when others can’t. This coven violated the Federal RICO Act, Crimes Against Humanity, Crimes of Persecution & Aggression, and several other crimes. This Coven also violated 18 U.S.Code 666, 18 U.S. Code 2511, and many more.

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