The Ultimate Betrayal—Human Sacrifice

Just had a great lifetime movie story line; so here it goes—A man signs a contract with a rich man supposedly for a research project…However, the man is really signing a contract with the industry aka elite, for money, fame and Klout, secretly behind the scenes. The man is basically selling his soul in exchange for selling out his wife to be persecuted, tortured, crucified, and caged, almost like a simulated private prison for the elite’s entertainment right. In order to do this, the man must hack into all his partners devices, have her followed, stalked and monitored 24/7 to carry out the plan. In other words, his wife’s whole life has to be infiltrated by the enemy in other to attempt to control and navigate the majority of the wife’s life. Based on the contract, dozens of people get involved in the conspiracy to the point it’s like one large pyramid scheme. We talking military, government, and state officials, all the way down to even restaurant workers. Just think zombie apocalypse type scenario where the evil just keeps spreading, all in an attempt to come after one person—this man’s wife. So, one of the perks of signing the contract and selling out his wife, he was given the ability to indulge In in all of his secret fetishes and fantasies by people who are paid by the industry to be used as puppets. Even the man’s job participated in the fuckery against the wife. The people at the man’s job were promised special favors to always cover the man who sold his wife. It allowed him to fuck multiple people, men, women and children, discreetly, all the time, using covert methods of surveillance, walkie talkie apps, and people paid to be on the look-out. His connection to the industry made sure his wife would never find out, because she was being tracked daily, gang stalked and her every move monitored down to a T. People would ride pass the wife’s house everytime the man was getting down behind the scenes. Meanwhile, the man had to lie, disrespect, abuse, degrade, humiliate, and torment the wife, so that she would either die or go crazy, and loose everything she worked hard for— as a human sacrifice for the husband to get ahead in life because his destiny was bad but his wife’s destiny was good, so he basically wants to switch destinies by killing the wife, making it look like a suicide over depression, or have the wife killed with extreme abuse and torture to have her destiny….basically the ultimate betrayal and human sacrifice…Good story huh?

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