Family Betrayal: Bloodlust

Just in case anything happens to me…it needs to be known that I suspect my older sister and spouse may have had a fling. If not, my sibling could have wanted me to think that was the case. I believe, my older sister went after my spouse during our dating phase and was possibly intimate with him before he even knew she was my sister because we weren’t on speaking terms at the time. I didn’t found out til almost 10 years later. I found her email inside my husband’s email. She and him were apart of some secret group or team that was never discussed with me at all. I didn’t even know he had that account. By the time I addressed the situation, my spouse had destroyed all the evidence. He deleted everything. He claims nothing ever happened and that he didn’t even realize was sister was on his street team. I believe my sister used a combination of blackmail and witchcraft to get my spouse to begin stealing from me. My relationship with my sister was never good even before my marriage and I could never figure out why? Even as a child my sister always kept her distance from me. I just wanted support from my big sister coming up but I was always treated like the unloved stepchild for reasons unknown to me. My whole life changed after a family outing. My big brother and sister invited me out to a family beach trip, afterwards my marriage took a turn for the worse. My sister ended up calling and texting my husband at like 4am, in the morning over nonsense. She claimed she was going off because my spouse told our teenager that her biological father was a deadbeat. He was actually telling the truth because the man hadn’t called, visited, or paid any support in years around that time. He didn’t even call on her birthdays so why was my sister really starting beef when she had said that said thing to her ex husband many times in front of many people but the difference was despite Quays flaws, he was actually a full time love in dad to all his children regardless of what him and my sister was going through. But back to the situation. After the beach trip, my sister had an very emotional exchange with my husband which was an immediate red flag. Our marriage began to fall apart after that. Stephanie then picked a fight with me after I told her the way we decide to raise our children was really not her concern. I told her I never judged her for Quaysha threatening to commit suicide. I never judged her or said a word when Armani was over eating possibly due to emotional issues. She used those exact words to claim that I was dangerous to my niece and that I had better stay away from her after she started going on on my parenting skills? Later someone called child protective services on me which lead me to believe my sister was trying to set me up to have my children taken away. Around this same time, I was pregnant with health problems and my spouse became super abusive. He basically kicked me while I was down. He began verbally abusing me, destroying my property, and bread crumbing me. My physical, mental and emotional health took a turn for the worse. That was when my husband and my sister both decided to pounce on me in a predatory way. The abuse got so bad one day until I left. I called once I got to the highway and told my spouse I was going to my mothers for a few days to get myself together. Afterwards, Both my husband and my sister made threats to have me committed??? It was the worst feeling in the world. I was sick. I was devastated but due to my health I felt like I didn’t have anybody to support me so I willing allowed myself to be a sacrifice. My spouse ended up selling a ten thousand car I had recently brought him for a very small amount. I told him not to sell the car unless he was going to get another car because I had a feeling he was just going to sell that car to pay off someone, possibly my sister. Of course he just wanted the money and not a better car like he claimed at first. He later tried to claim that we were doing bad and needed the money but that was lie. We were not doing that bad and the only reason why things were right I believe because he was sneaking and giving somebody else money from out my household. The sad part about this situation is that he begged and fought with me to give him more children when I didn’t want anymore. In hindsight, I believe this was a trap to get me not to leave until whatever plans he had was finally completed….to be continued

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