Requesting an investigation for Medical Billings Fraud/White Collar Fraud. My credit was ruined over fraudulent medical bills from doctors connected to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, located in Winston-Salem, NC. Around February of 2020, during my house buying process, I received a credit alert. I posted a photo of my new home early that morning on Facebook and by late that afternoon, a credit company called PMAB, LLC located in Charlotte, dropped my credit score close to 100 points  for medical bills dated 2 years prior that did not belong to me.  I was told from Baptist Hospital billing department that these doctors charged numerous bills to my Insurance fraudulently, with the exception of the bills that were placed on my credit. This caused irreversible damages. Baptist Hospital was gave me a complete list of doctors who I have never seen of or heard of before, so I began to research the situation. I requested an investigation from Baptist Hospital, along with an investigation from my own health care provider which was in a completely different city. I was given the run-around by nearly everyone and situation was sweep under the rug. In other words I was silenced. My health care provider—The Women’s Health Center (who is under Moses Cone) claimed that all my medical bills were paid in full through my insurance provider for my pregnancy  and that they had never heard of any the doctors listed on the medical bills from Wake Forest Baptist Health. When I called Wake Forest, their billing department claimed that I was seen by their doctors located in Winston-Salem and Lexington, NC, and that I elected self-pay for part of the bills; which was false because I lived in a completely different city and had full coverage insurance from two different providers at the time of the incident.  The billing department claimed that the collection placed on my credit was from a Dr. Kristen H. Guinn of (500 Shepard St Winston Salem Nc Suite 200 27103 (336)-716-6893). Again, my own health provider— The Women’s Health Center claimed not to have any knowledge of this doctor’s affiliation with their medical staff or with me. There were other doctors listed on my medical bills that my health provider also claims not to have any knowledge of. These other doctors mentioned were, Dr. Paul W. Whitecar(3333 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27103) and Dr. Mark G Newman ((500 Shepard St Winston Salem Nc Suite 200 27103 (336)-716-6893). There may be other doctors involved but this is all the information I have regarding this matter at this time. Although, Wake Forest Baptist Health claimed that they would remove the negative entree from my credit report, it was too late. The collection had already ruined my credit-during my home buying process costing me close to 100 points, lost on my credit score and tens of thousands for the duration of my loan. Wake Forest’s compliance staff Kristen Moser attempted to hinder my complaint by not disclosing where I could file a complaint for an investigation. As of this week, Baptist Hospital has completed an investigation stating that the charges were valid but they would remove the charges and are willing to send a letter for damages to credit companies. However, their investigation has not addressed the fraud, nor have they addressed the irreversible damages occurred due to the fraud committed by hospital doctors connected to their facility. I also wrote the NC medical board, that claimed no knowledge of any of these doctors. They claim there is no Kristen Quinn, although she shows up online as connected to Wake Forest Baptist Hospital. 

Effect of Wrong Doing: The medical billing fraud, collection cost me close to a 100 points and tens of thousands of dollars over the duration of my loan and the inability to receive financial assistance due to my credit score.

Name of Facilities involved: Department of Veteran Affairs 251 N. Main St. Winston-Salem, NC & VA Choice Program & Wake Forest Baptist Hospital (Winston-Salem, NC) & Women’s Health Center (Greensboro, NC) & 500 Shepard St Winston Salem Nc Suite 200 27103 (336)-716-6893)

Name of Wrong Doers: Kristen Guinn(500 Shepard St Winston Salem, NC, Suite 200, 27103 (336)-716-6893)

Dr. Mark G Newman(500 Shepard St. Winston-Salem, NC, Suite 200, 27103

Dr. Paul W. Whitecar(3333 Silas Creek Pkwy, Winston-Salem, NC 27103

Department of Veterans Affairs—VA Choice Program

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Hi, I’m Precious McNeil. I’m a intuitive scholar, freethinker, researcher, aspiring herbalist, and social justice advocate, who loves to travel and spend time in nature. ©2021 Precious McNeil: Creative Intelligence. All rights reserved.

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