The Power Of Adversity

This is a photo of a highly sophisticated spyware app that I believe was installed on my phone and computer by a relative. For me, the name of the app speaks for itself, in regards to what it was built for. The name of this app is called, “The Power of Adversity Daagent.” For me, everything about this app screams-illegal crimes against humanity in the form of illegal—Unethical human experimentation for research purposes—that illegally denied my right to informed consent. Based on my intuition, I feel that this app is a collaborative project which involved numerous people…This app was able to monitor, track, record, listen to, remotely control, and capture large quantities of my everyday life. Now most people would think 🤔, I’m a nobody. Why would anyone want to monitor, stalk and record my life? Who am I? Surely there are more important people in world to want to monitor? Well as I can see, this turns out not to be the case. So far in my investigation, there seems to be a common link or denominator between all the individuals I suspect are involved; this includes a billion dollar research company already well know for breach of privacy and unethical behavior spoken about across many countries. One ☝️ thing I can say about this situation is I understand the struggle. Many people are just trying to survive. However, attempting to come up off of another’s person pain is the wrong way to come about it. I feel like many people were willing to sell their soul for a what they though would bring them a quick buck or wealth. Now these people may have to face the consequences of their actions. At the end of the day…these people have to ask themselves was it worth?

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